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We are Worksite Communications

As one of the nation's most experienced benefits enrollment companies, we help schools, hospitals, and other large employers maximize the investment and utilization of their employee benefits programs.

We are independent of any single insurance carrier and proud of our reputation for objective advice, attention to detail and responsiveness to client needs.

Who We Are and What We Do
We Are Worksite Communications

Trusted Enrollment Professionals

We hire professional benefit counselors who educate and enroll employee benefits as their primary profession.

We maintain a sophisticated database of enrollment personnel. We believe it is the largest and most complete in the industry, including over 1,000 enrollment professionals.

Enrollment Methods to Fit Your Needs
Trusted Enrollment Professionals

Dependent Verification Audit

The Dependent Verification Audit process reduces health costs by identifying egiblility discrepancies that commonly result in premium overpayments.

A Dependent Verification Audit conducted by Worksite typically removes between 5 - 12% of the dependents from health plans and averages an 11% reduction in healthcare premiums.

Save 11% in Healthcare Premiums
Dependent Verification Audit

Optimal Comp: Benefit Statements

Optimal comp is a completely customizable personalized benefits compensation profile that is provided to employees. Optimal Comp equips these employees with the information they need to make positive healthcare changes.

Optimal Comp includes an outline of all employer provided benefits. This helps employees understand and maximize the value of their benefits.

Effectively Engage Your Employees
Benefit Statements

Determine employee satisfaction and understanding of current benefits, identify coverage gaps, and determine benefits education needs.

Benefits Program Assessment

Educate employees on the total value of benefits package, new benefits program rollout, consumer driven health plan concepts or saving for retirement.

Benefits Communications

Capture employee enrollment elections using one-on-one or group meetings, call center, assisted online enrollment or a combination approach.

Benefits Enrollment

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Benefit Communications Brochures
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