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We have conducted enrollments on a multitude of different enrollment platforms allowing us to identify the enrollment platforms that will best fit the needs of our clients. We have established relationships with vendors that allow us to quickly deploy these systems for annual enrollment and year round life event changes. The most cost effective enrollment platform, myBen, developed by our technology team aimed at helping our clients transition away from paper forms.

Online Enrollment

Our online enrollment solutions provide state-of-the-art platform where employees view the entire menu of benefit offerings and complete their elections. As part of the system configuration an Electronic Data Interface (EDI) is set up with each carrier where election files are regularly transmitted.


  • Completely customizable for the employer's benefit plans and eligibility rules.
  • 24/7 year round web access for employees to check current elections or make life event changes.
  • Robust automated reporting that includes customizable data feeds to carriers, third party administrators, and HR staff.
  • The system can also accept automated feeds from payroll systems to update employment status, benefit elections, and eligiblity.


myBen is our proprietary system designed to help employers transition away from paper forms into a digital solution. It is a laptop based system that allows for the collection of basic employee elections for medical, dental, vision, life, disability, Flexible Spending Accounts and other core benefits. The enrollment data is collected and uploaded to our servers daily. The enrollment is completed with the assistance of a Benefits Counselor in the field or via the phone. Employees receive a printed or digital confirmation of their core and voluntary elections at the time of enrollment. A digital copy is stored on our servers for future referencing.


  • Paperless solution for capturing enrollment elections.
  • Cost effective option for employers who do not have the resources for an intricate configuration and deployment of an online system.
  • Data is exportable to popular file formats for carrier processing.