New Hire Onboarding

Hands-on New Hire Education & Enrollment

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Our commitment to fulfilling our client's needs includes a year round model for new hire onboarding. Our onboarding process will empower your new employee to make the right benefit decisions so they can focus on their new role in your organization.

How it Works

We will work with you to develop an onboarding model that is right for you. New Hires will be encouraged to schedule an appointment to speak with a benefits counselor. Similar to the implementaiton process for annual enrollment, we help you develop a communications campaign or even a new hire packet to promote this service. Our call center can make outbound calls to schedule new hires an appointment to speak with a benefits counselor. Our goal is to encourage every New Hire to speak with a benefits counselor to complete their enrollment to maximize the value of the benefits you have made available to them. Benefit choices can be overwhelming as a new employee on the job, which is why our process is aimed at making it as simple as possible for them.


  • Our benefits counselor can train the new hire on navigating benefits systems.
  • Simplified benefit choices through education and assistance provided by a benefits counselor.
  • Relieves the burden from HR of explaining benefits to new hires especially during seasonal peak hiring periods.
  • Reduce frustration of a New Hire by providing hands on support and encouraging new employees to enroll during their eligibility period.
  • Assist the New Hire complete additional paperwork or other deliverables.