Dependent Verification

Reduce Healthcare Expenses by Evaluating Dependent Eligibility

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In an effort to contain escalating healthcare premium costs, many employers are conducting Dependent Verification Audits to assure they pay premiums and cover only those who are actually eligible for coverage.

Gallagher Enrollment Solutions is the leading enrollment firm conducting Dependent Verification Audit process during an employer's annual benefits enrollments. To date, Gallagher Enrollment Solutions has:

  • Audited more than 60,000 employees enrolled in medical, dental or vision plans.
  • Evaluated the eligibility of over 50,000 dependents
  • Identified thousands of ineligible dependents
  • Saved clients millions of dollars in healthcare costs

Our secure software program captures dependent information and produces a report compatible with most payroll systems. Gallagher Enrollment Solutions provides the following resources when conducting a Dependent Verification Audit:

  • A customized implementation process for each client
  • Assistance with drafting and distribution of communications
  • Complete eligibility verification of all enrolled dependents

Case Studies

The two examples outlined below show actual results of employer dependent verification enrollments. The service was provided at no charge to the employer because all fees were paid by the voluntary benefit providers through their benefits brokers.

Estimated Annual Savings $1,382,400
Employee Count 21,000
Employees with Dependents 9,043
Number of Dependents 19,206
Number Verified 16,517
Number Unverified 2,689
Percent Unverified 14%
Reversed on Appeal 385
Number Removed 2,304
Percent Removed 12%
Estimated Annual Savings $804,000
Employee Count 2,200
Employees with Dependents 1,086
Number of Dependents 4,028
Number Verified 2,656
Number Unverified 674
Percent Unverified 16%
Reversed on Appeal 4
Number Removed 670
Percent Removed 16%