Fully Dedicated Case Implementation

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Our implementation process begins six to eight weeks before the enrollment start date to allow time for a successful case launch. The planning period will vary depending on the complexity of the project. A sample timeline is included below with a detailed timeline that is designed during implementation.

Sample Implementation Timeline

Case Kick Off

  • Dedicated Implementation Manager assigned
  • Kick Off implementation call to set project goals and expectations
  • Creation of a Project Scope Document
1-2 Months before enrollment


  • Weekly/Biweekly implementation conference calls to discuss enrollment logistics
  • Comprehensive case documentation using Basecamp, a secure project management website
  • Comprehensive communications campaign created
3-6 Weeks before enrollment


  • Communications distributed
  • Employees preschedule their appointment
  • Advance set up begins
  • Benefit Counselor training
2 Weeks before enrollment

Open Enrollment

  • Benefit Counselors assist with enrollment
  • Employee receives a printed confirmation form and completes enrollment assessment
  • Supervisor provides enrollment updates to client
  • Daily secure application uploads

Post Enrollment

  • Wrap up call immediately following enrollment
  • Enrollment evaluation report reviewed with team 4-6 weeks post enrollment
  • Ongoing case management