Wellness Engagement

Facilitate Wellness Program Participation

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More employers are encouraging their employees to shift to a healthier lifestyle by implementing Wellness Programs. Wellness Programs encourage increased participation in health screenings and assessments, which creates healthier employees and families and in turn reduces healthcare costs for employers.

Increase Employee Wellness Participation

Employers recognize the value of wellness programs and increasingly rely on web based wellness tools for delivering Health Risk Appraisals and Chronic Disease Management Programs. Our programs significantly increase participation in these programs by engaging employees in the wellness tools and programs provided by the employer's health plan or through our suite of wellness programs. Our unique education program combined with a distinctive pledge incentive program delivers the results employers need.

Case Study

The case study below shows actual results from our pledge incentive wellness implementation. The school district had a mere 1% participation rate in their wellness program. We worked with the client to create a program that recognized schools based on their participation in the wellness program. As our Benefit Counselors met with employees they engaged them in their wellness program and captured their pledges to participate in four different wellness activities: A Walking Program, Health Coaching and Advising, Disease Management, and a Health Risk Assessment. The result was an increase the school district's wellness participation by more than 1,000%, and 77% of employees who visited with a counselor pledged to participate in one or more wellness activity.

Employees that enrolled in a Wellness Activity 8,006 (77%)
Employee Count 21,000
Employees Seen 10,406
Employees that enrolled in one Wellness Activity 4,094 (51%)
Employees that enrolled in two Wellness Activities 2,471 (31%)
Employees that enrolled in three Wellness Activities 1,300 (16%)
Employees that enrolled in four Wellness Activities 141(2%)