Core & Voluntary Benefits

Versatile Enrollment Solutions

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Whether for voluntary benefits, core benefits or re-enrollment efforts, Gallagher Enrollment Solutions helps companies achieve fast, effective and accurate results. We work with you to determine which of the following methods (or a combination of them) works best for the employer.

A benefits counselor meets with each employee to explain the coverage choices and address any questions, then enters the selections into an electronic enrollment system.

Using this method, a benefits counselor walks employees through the employer's online enrollment site. The counselor explains all benefit choices, answers any questions and assists with the enrollment process.

Similar to a one-on-one meeting, employees call a toll-free number to speak with their benefits counselor. Or the employee schedules an appointment and the benefits counselor will call the employee at the appointed time.

Leading a group of 15-40 employees, an enrollment counselor presents an explanation of the benefit choices and answers questions. Once individual preferences are confirmed, the counselor enrolls the employee electronically.

Our most popular method, the integrated Web enrollment allows employees to make a simple "program" election that encompasses both core and voluntary benefits. Our follow-up to the employee election includes delivery of a customized educational program and voluntary benefit explanations.

Dual View Technology

Our Dual View configuration allows us to leverage the latest hardware technology to provide a seamless enrollment experience for employees. All of our benefit counselors are equipped with a laptop, a USB monitor, and a wireless keyboard/mouse combination. This technology allows the employee to view the entire enrollment session from their own personal display. It also allows them to enter in required information and sign applications from their own personal wireless input.


  • Personal auxiliary display allows employee to follow the enrollment session in a comfortable and private setting.
  • A clear presentation of all benefit information delivered directly to the employee.
  • Employees can sign applications directly using their own keyboard/mouse.
  • The benefit counselor can provide a complete benefits system walk-through and training on any new platforms.
  • The benefit counselor can walk the employee through completing a Health Risk Assessment or other wellness program objectives.
  • Every enrollment session is concluded with a employee satisfaction survey that the employee completes confidentially on the provided Dual View equipment. This ensures we collect accurate feedback regarding their satisfaction with the enrollment experience.